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How do I stop someone from remotely logging into my Google and phone?

Written by NewsAward

I will never understand why this kind of question is asked about accounts… let alone asked over and over, thousands of times. For your account, this is not at all complex. You already know the answer.

CHANGE. YOUR. PASSWORD! Use a unique new password, never used before. If anyone was logging into your account, now they can’t. You should also make sure all devices you ever logged into are logged out. Go here: and log out ALL devices. No worries, you can log back in. “They” can’t.


Wanna make it damn near impossible for anyone to get into your account again? 2-Step Verification or Two-factor authentication for Apple ID

Cell phones are a very different story. There are many “hacks”, for cell phones. They typically require a malicious app to be installed, but not always. If you truly believe your phone has been hacked, uninstall the most recent apps you installed – for starters. Better yet, restore the phone to factory default.

Side note… I love my old Moto X4, and the next phone I buy will likely be a Pixel. Pure Android, no worries of being insecure due to lack of updates, or delayed updates. Still, Android is less secure than iPhone. Apple’s infamous “walled garden” has its upsides. Security is one of them.

I know this, but I believe I also know how to minimize the risks, deal with any intrusions. But for a typical user with little tech knowledge… If you have ongoing troubles with this, it’s time to switch to an iPhone.

Best of all… Don’t keep serious/private stuff on your phone! Keep that shit in your account. Secure the account.

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