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Is Israel afraid of the Pakistan Army?

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Israel should be grateful to the Pakistani military.

Is Israel afraid of the Pakistan Army?

If Pakistan had not been at war with India, the Israel-India alliance and indeed friendship might have taken even longer to develop. Sure, technological transfer in agriculture, water management and the like is a great motive for India to befriend the Jewish state but the foundations were laid, to a large extent, by Billions of USD in defense purchases, military technology and joint defense ventures.

Pakistan is a long way from Israel. Pakistan and Israel indeed cooperate on some levels including, occasionally, sharing Intelligence on matters of mutual concern. While Israel at one time feared Pakistani nuclear ambitions and intentions, over the last couple of decades this has subsided. Israel has far more pressing military concerns – namely Iran and its various proxies in the region. If Pakistan had not already fallen off Israel’s threat assessment radar before then, Pakistan’s ISI sharing intel with Israel about the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks probably did the trick.

So thank you Pakistan. Your military (and China’s of course) has been of great service to the Jewish State in helping it befriend India. But it’s probably time we all grew up now.

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