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Why can’t people just leave President Trump and his family alone

Written by NewsAward

“Why can’t people just leave President Trump and his family alone. He has been treated just so badly. My support will always be for him.?”

Unfortunately my friend, this is not just about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was the only thing standing between the American people and the coup against us that’s been in the works since way before I was born.

Donald Trump represents the spirit of individual strength and liberty that was once the guiding post of our nation.

He was never supposed to win the 2016 election, but when he did, the parasites that have been entrenched in Washington, DC, for decades, went full-tilt, bat-shit crazy.

The best thing that Trump did, out of all the great things he did, was to expose the Narcissists running the nation.

These people have been gas-lighting us for decades, with a smile on their face, and their hands in our pockets, in China’s pockets, selling our soul to the highest bidder, right in front of our faces.

They are ruthless, shameless, and insidious.

The cancelling of Donald Trump is, in effect, the cancelling of the American people, the American spirit, the freedom that our Founders lived and died for, and it is rapidly going down in flames.

He has become our scapegoat, and our martyr.

What makes him different? He is an American first, and not a bloated, career politician, in bed with China, big pharma, big tech, and any other big global entity or nefarious country you choose to add. The list is endless.

The amount of love and respect I have for that man is overwhelming, and the love he has for us, for our country, is openly manifest for anyone who cares to see the truth.

The blind, rabid hatred for this man is unprecedented, and again, is also a projection of the blind hatred many people have festering inside towards us, and given the chance, they will eradicate us, one way or the other.

The blind simply will not see the big picture here. This is so much bigger than Trump could ever be, and yet, millions are willingly taking a flying leap right over the cliff, hand in hand, singing kumbaya, like a herd of lemmings.

The DC crowd and their global overlords are just getting started with the cancelling, demonizing, doxxing, destruction, and reprogramming of all of us who know, see, and speak the truth.

Donald Trump was raised up for this specific point in time, and he did what he was meant to do: expose the pit of snakes, full of lies and deception, that claim to serve us, but in reality, they serve themselves, and I suspect it is becoming more and more difficult for them to restrain themselves from openly coming after all of us who see the truth, with an iron fist.

We are nothing more than serfs, peasants, children, farm animals, pets, and PITA’s, in their eyes, and we are all dispensable.

The love of money truly is the root of all evil, and there is plenty of information out there that ties everything together, spanning decades, and yet, it’s nothing that cannot be seen openly, happening in real time, right before our eyes.

The man (men) behind the curtain will never leave Trump alone, and they won’t leave us alone, either.

Deprogrammed, destroyed, jobless, penniless, ostracized, demoralized, denigrated, voiceless: this is what they want for us. To break us, to break Trump, to force us into being mindless drones, lobotomized Stepford wives, marching in lock-step with the party, worshipping the state, instead of worshipping God, down on our knees, thanking them, for the scraps they choose to toss us from their overflowing plates.

I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.

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