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Why doesn’t Israel return the land to Palestine?

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This assumes that the land was ever sovereign land.

Could you kindly tell us when a nation called Palestine ever held sovereignty over the land?

In the last 2000 years, there have only been 2 times the land knew sovereignty, that would have been up to 97 AD with Judea, and in the middle Ages with the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and that was a crusader kingdom.

This is implying the land was stolen, taken by theft, which is false. The land was passed to the League of Nations at the end of the first world war with the Treaty of Sevres, the league then took sovereignty of the land.

The ottomans had held the land since the 1500s when they conquered the land and took it from the Mamluks, they had held the sovereignty of the land from the defeat of the Crusaders until the Ottomans took the land.

The crusaders took the land from the Muslims in 1099, they had held the land since they took it from the Byzantines 5 years after the death of Mohammad, prior to that there was no mosque or any Muslims in the nation other than to travel through.

The Byzantines held the city after the split of Rome, Rome conquered the area from Jewish rule.

As we can see, there was ancient Judea, after this the Kingdom of Jerusalem, then modern-day Jerusalem, no kingdom existed between these two kingdoms, so please how did they steal the land when it was never a sovereign land?

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