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Why don’t pilots show themselves to the passengers?

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A friend of mine was a B747 captain for a global airline (now retired). His employer had created the idea that captains should connect with the business class passengers (the ones that make the flights profitable!) during the flight and socialize a bit. I am not 100% sure, but the idea originally didn’t come from the chief pilot. Being a bit old-school and not a customer service advocate, he was opposed to this idea, as he felt his job was to stay on the flight deck (while not resting).

Nevertheless, his employer insisted that captains should ‘connect’ with the business class passengers, thinking this would improve relationships between the airline and customers (keep in mind that in international travel, competition is cut-throat),

After being reminded several times during pre-flight briefings, he once took it to the test and went into the cabin during the flight and asked several passengers what their preference was: him socializing with them or taking care of their safety. Obviously, he knew the answer. He brought it back to his management and the idea was off the table.

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