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Spy View – Isn’t Google maps a security threat? I was able to view US, Russian and Indian aircraft carriers as well as F22, F35, B-1 Lancers, B-2s,

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Here are two of the most sensitive areas in the United States as you see them on Google Earth:

Newport News Shipbuilding – where all of the U.S. supercarriers are built, including the currently under construction USS Enterprise CVN-80

Hmmm, that boat seems way too far along – so what gives?

Huh 😐

Okay, how about General Dynamics’ Electric Boat – where all of the U.S. nuclear submarines are built?

That’s weird: I don’t see any Virginia-class boats… when there definitely should be Virginia-class boats!

All I see in an Ohio-class boomer and two Los Angeles-attack boats

What. The. Fuck. Google?!

C’mon… Puget Sound Naval Shipyard has to have some spicy secrets to spy on!

Ugh! Old and busted! (Though there’s a Seawolf-class sub fresh from the factory)

Why all the fake news?!?!


The satellite image currently on Google Earth for Newport News Shipbuilding was taken back in 1990

Alright… and Electric Boat? 2002

Puget Sound? 1994 – 1995

Of what possible use are images taken 20 to 30 years ago to anyone in the foreign intelligence community?

Google complies when governments ask them to not show the current state of affairs at military installations that they deem too sensitive… and since Google Earth and its space imaging partners depend on licensing from various governments, they’re inclined to do as requested

The B-2 (along with three F-16s and a retired A-10) you spied at Whiteman AFB?

🔺 1997

Or maybe these three hanging out at Hickam Field in Pearl Harbor – along with some C-5 Galaxies and C-17 Globemaster IIIs?

🔺 2000

Those B-1B Lancers and B-52H Stratofortresses (with a few AWACS) being tinkered on at Tinker AFB?

🔺 1990

As for the F-22?

Only a single aircraft in anything approaching useable resolution: Nellis AFB in 1994

If you want to settle for crappier resolution, you can look at Al Dhafra, UAE… in 2012

As soon as their spotting is made known to the Pentagon, the Pentagon asks Google Earth to rotate out their imagery to a date where the planes weren’t there – or are not optimally sighted

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