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Tourism View – Why doesn’t Australia have a transcontinental railroad?

On the contrary it has three, kinda.

So the first is the one which goes from Sydney across to Perth in an east-west route:

And for most of the journey it looks something akin to this:

Meanwhile the second one goes from Adelaide to Darwin in a south-north route:

And for most of the journey it looks something akin to this:

Yes, that’s right, not overly too different.

But there’s kind of a third route. Now I know, all of my fellow Australians are, at this point, leaping at their keyboards and are about to type:

  • David, WFT are you talking about? There is no third transcontinental railway! Get off the booze!

And in a strict manner they’d be right (except it’s a hot summer and I’m sticking to my cold beer thanks very much).

But, along the entire eastern coast (well parts of it are inland to be fair), there is a third transcontinental railway:

So it starts in Melbourne and heads north, through Sydney, and onwards to Brisbane. However this is where the kinda part comes in because in Brisbane the gauge changes from standard to narrow gauge. Needless to say all passengers and cargo need to change trains in Brisbane.

Nevertheless, as a passenger, you can catch a train from Melbourne to Sydney, then another from Sydney to Brisbane, and finally from Brisbane to Cairns. And in doing so you can see countryside like this:

And this:

And can’t leave the Queenslanders out:

Now that’s much better than seeing the same boring desert for thousands of kilometres via the other two routes.

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