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7 Important Tips to Help Grow Your Church

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7 Important Tips to Help Grow Your Church

7 Important Tips to Help Grow Your Church

  1. Make everyone a minister

Establish a culture of the priesthood of all believers. Remind (often) everyone that the real ministry of the church is everyone’s calling. The paid staff are merely trainers and encouragers to those who

Actually “shine the light.”


  1. Promote seed planting.

Help your people understand their role in spreading the Good News .It’s not their job to convert anyone. They’re simply called to plant and Nurture seeds of faith—God does the converting. Paul explained our

Roles in 1Corinthians:“I planted the seed in your hearts, and Apollos Watered it, but it was God who made it grow.”


  1. Train your people (Ministers)

They need practical help to be natural faith conversationalists. How do they engage their friends in meaningful and non-judgmental? Conversations that include faith?


  1. Let your people practice.

Create safe opportunities for people to talk about their faith. It’s not helpful to tell people to share their faith if you don’t provide opportunities to practice. That’s like a swimming Instructor explaining how to dog-paddle without putting Students in the pool to practice.


  1. Celebrate the stories.

Set aside time for your people to share about their recent faith Conversations. People find encouragement and recommitment in Hearing how God is working through ordinary people like themselves.


  1. Encourage Soul Winning and Leadership Skill Training among Your Workers

Give room for soul winning through hosting outreaches across your harvest field (Where you occupy) and sending your workers for leadership training where they will learn how to communicate with new converts and relate with them freely without hate or anger in their heart, Thereby establishing the new comes in faith all through the year.


  1. Speak Positive Word Concerning Your Ministry and Members

Always create out quality time to speak good words and prophecy toward your ministry and the entire congregations including your ministers and your staff. The power to build lays in your tongue so keeping speaking it and don’t stop saying it, until you see it manifesting in the life of the people in your church (Locations, Country, States etc.) and to the world at large.

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