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Is Joe Biden the poorest president in history?

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Joe Biden is one of the poorest presidents in history, although not poor by any definition. He was perpetually one of the poorest Senators, mostly living off his Senatorial salary, and taking the train home. His highest salary was as Vice-president, and he did make at least one good real estate investment; a mansion which had been left to deteriorate into junk. He improved it a lot through pure “sweat” equity (physical work).

Grant was probably the poorest president, spending the last years of his life in a veteran’s home with throat cancer. He wrote his memoirs (which became a best seller) there to save his family from destitution after he died.

Harry Truman was poor as well, with he and his wife having to return to Missouri to live with in his mother-in-laws house, having no home of his own. The couple had to live (no presidential pension back then) on an old reserve officer’s pension (that of a reserve captain-a rank he achieved during WW I).

Harry had to mow the lawn, and he was always cussing at the old push mower, and he was constantly reprimanded for his cussing by his wife, and mother-in-law, hanging out the kitchen window. Things improved for him when congress approved a presidential pension, which was a decent middle class income at the time. They accumulated enough to buy their own small house, and Harry finally got out from underneath his mother-in-law’s scrutiny.

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