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Is Nepal a third world country?

Written by NewsAward

First we have to understand the meaning of the terms – First World, Second World and Third world. It is discrimination to divide the world in 3 parts. RICH, MIDDLE AND POOR.

Who is there to decide to divide the world. World Bank or world Monetary fund? They have no right to divide the world. The world is only one and there is no division.

The world third country means very offensive, outdated and humiliating. They want to say that third world means, poor, dirty, stupid, war ravaged, undeveloped, so and so. But who are they to decide who we are. I only see human and I only see one world.

The big power has no right to decide who is who and they have no right to discriminate with term of first. Second and third.

The problem is that we all neighbourhood countries fight to each other and we all poor countries (poor means economically, as the so called first World looted us and became wealthy nation) hate each other and love to call us the citizen of third country.

Conclusion – if you want to know my opinion, Nepal is not a third country because we are very rich, living with our pride not only that we have been living in the lap of mountains. We have helped British with lot of money and soldiers. But due to our corrupt leaders (remember in poor countries they support corrupt leaders and take the benefit) our pride is humiliated. So, Nepal is not the third country not only that all countries are same and beautiful. There is no first, second third because it is the same earth and one world.

We canot compare the world by only by wealth but we have to compare with beauty of country with the natural beauty. In this case, Nepal is the most beautiful country in the world. Its a piece of heaven on the earth.

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