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What nation can take on the US military?

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Original Question: What nation can take on the US military?

As far as take on the United States as aggressors against the American Homeland, nobody. Even a nation like Russia or China can’t survive striking us first with nukes, especially not China.

(You must also give consideration the 330 million Americans, with 110 million folks armed with 350 to 600 million fire arms and many trillions if not a few quadrillion rounds of ammunition. Mixed in the 330 million people are ~30 million veterans of various ages. Additionally many of those that don’t own a firearm know where to borrow one within an hour. There are literally many millions of the dreaded so called “assault rifle.” Be that the AR, AK, SKS, M1A, Mini14, Mini 30, or various lesser distributed models. Just something to consider. And nobody knows how many BARs and Tommy Guns are stashed away.)

You don’t even need to get into military equipment, manpower, or training; just the logistics to put up a sustained battle on American soil are all but impossible. The United States is all but an island, another nation can’t put boots or equipment on the ground in battle size numbers. Very simply the logistics of getting bullets, beans, and bandaids to their troops wouldn’t be possible. They don’t have the means to move them, and we will sink everything they send this way.

As far as overseas, on their home court, what do you mean by take on? If the ROE is such as we encounter now, then many countries can play hell with the United States of America. If we are allowed to fight a proper war, then again, we win decisively against all opponents, without putting boots on the ground for the first weeks of battle. We are going to win the Air War and Naval War (if there is one); it is a downhill fight for the United States of America from there. We have the logistics to take the battle anywhere, and do so overnight, and reinforce it in the coming days and weeks. The following pictures are from what is headed at an enemy the very first day. Day 2 and 3 get really intense.

It just comes down to whether our government will allow us to be turned loose.

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