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Why is Bangladesh not a developed country even though their communities are cohesive and they are very intelligent?

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Thanks for wishing so, we are on the track. But don’t forget we are a mere 50-years-old nation. We are still coming out of the rubble and poverty, while to elevate a country to a ‘developed‘ one there are so many indexes to pull up.

Bangladesh took 10 years to stitch the bottom of its basket that had been emptied and smashed by previous foreign occupants. We had to spend another 25 years to leap to become a middle-income country and now, as projected by global estimates, we need another 25 years to become a developed one (though I don’t think so that fast).

But is it really too slow?

Frankly speaking, many of our older and more resourceful peers like India, Indonesia and Malaysia are still struggling to reach the benchmark.

To achieve the status of a developed country, the Americans took more than 100 years, the British took 300 years, the Spaniards and the Vikings took even more, and that is with their global explorations as added support.

Yet, I believe we are in the pace.

Meanwhile, we had been sending millions of our rural workforces to overseas to come back with skill, experience and money. They are now returning and joining our own Infrastructure building.

Yeah, we are building our nationwide infrastructure, that is aimed to also reconnecting Asia.

Multibillion dollar Projects, like the ones as of Padma Bridge. Of course, to humbly acknowledge, with assistance from our global friend nations.

Building our cities: Dhaka metro rail:

Dhaka Covered: the Capital City

Building our industries: Shilpa Nagar taking shape defying all odds

We are expanding our horizons: Bangladesh approves construction of ‘essential’ first deepwater port

Prioritizing education and human resources development. From 5 universities in the 1990’s, now there are hundreds of them.

And, yes, we are steering political and bureaucratic reforms to right direction.

We, 165 million men and women, are on the strides to transform our 148,500 sqkm country into what you have questioned to become.

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