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Which Arab country is the most liberal, Tunisia, Lebanon, or other?

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As someone who is from neither country, who lived in Lebanon and visited Tunisia: it is Tunisia, by a country mile. Lebanon is in no way “liberal,” certainly not in the way that the OP intended. It has also lacked a government for a long, long time: it is run as a loose confederation of sectarian fiefdoms glued together by mutual hatred. Beautiful country though it once was, their attitudes to pollution and environmental management have totally spoiled the country. Tunisia, on the other hand, has public transit; public healthcare; and a functioning democracy, with a constitution which recognizes the perils of climate change and the importance of a clean environment.. It is also the country in the Arab world with the highest proportion of self-reported “non-believers”/atheists, and the only Arab country to officially recognise the marriage of Muslim women citizens to non-Muslim men. (Such marriages are actually reasonably common in Lebanon, but the state does not recognise them, since personal status laws in Lebanon are tied to religious affiliation of the individual in question.)

So, in the common American parlance of today, Tunisia is, without a doubt, more “liberal”.

The main train station in Tunis.

Beirut is a beautiful, wonderful city with great food, but it is also a playground for the rich which is having its soul ripped out by developers with money from the Gulf. A majority enroll their children in private schools, because public sector schools are under-funded, and don’t even get me started on public hospitals.

Quite close to the Berdouni River near Zahle. I love this part of the world, but you can smell the trash from where I took this photo.

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