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Why are the current younger US citizens overwhelmingly Democrats?

Written by NewsAward

It is so disappointing to see answer after answer attacking young people as stupid, naive, part of some vast conspiracy of leftist colleges and professors, of anti-Christian teaching, of wanting a ‘free lunch’ and not willing to contribute to society.


Is this the only pastime for Republicans and conservatives to blame their lack of penetration of the Millennials and now GEN Z on the mantra of somehow the youth of America just got everything for nothing and now want everything free and the Democrats will give it to them?

It is outrageous and everyone on Quora should push back against this arrogance and stupidity. May I remind everyone that the combination of these 2 groups already is more than the baby boomers in numbers and if and when they want, they will control the US for the next 50 years! You might want to figure out how to engage them, work with them, provide them with opportunities and figure out how to help them survive their second brush with the recession and personal calamities that have destroyed their carefully built plans and goals.

After all, they are going to pay your pensions, your social security, your medicare. You don’t think you are doing that do you? They will be paying the taxes, making sure every job is done not anyone over the age of 40 let alone most of the Quorans who are pushing 60+ and haven’t got a clue at what it is like to be a youth today.

This time, the pandemic is even worse than the great recession. This time, not only do they lose their jobs as they were stuck in ‘service’ jobs like bartenders or servers in restaurants or they get fired as in last hired, first fired, but they have really lost yet another year or more of their lives. On top of that, they are being bashed constantly being told, don’t see your parents, your grandparents because you will kill them if you get too close.

Lose your apartment in an expensive city, move home yet again to the basement where you can just revert I guess to being a teenager waiting for the “Godot’ of Trump and Republicans to sort out a response to the pandemic with the Democrats which doesn’t for once mean, bad luck, you lose.

Meanwhile, what is their alternative? Do you think they love Biden or any of his middle of the road stuff? No way, they want to change, they want equity, they want racial justice. You know why? Because all around them is a rainbow of different colors, genders, lifestyles and it is ok for them. They like that and the only party that even remotely caters to their interests is the Democrats.

Yes, there is a small and very dug-in cohort of Christian evangelical youth that believes they are on the right path and they are holding out for ‘traditional’ values but it is a very small number. Yes, De Vos and others have pushed for more ‘school choice’ which means Christian schools where they can teach traditional values but this is a small number compared to what you see every day which is diversity.

This question should be self-evident and that is, if you do not develop programs and processes that can assist this generation from total disaster, they are already 2 disasters into their career, then they will be permanently left behind.

And we cannot afford that. So come on, start listening to them, because if you don’t soon they will toss you out on your ears and you will find a serious problem that all the gerrymandering and voter suppression won’t be able to stop.

This generation thinks they know it all, maybe they know somethings and those are, they don’t want to get kicked to the curb anymore. They are tired of crushing student debt just to get a college degree. They want decent opportunities, they want to buy homes and start a family with whoever they want to regardless of gender or race or religion or none.

And they don’t want to be pushed around anymore.

Lucky for the Democrats, right now they are the only game in town. But if the Democrats don’t get their acts together, the youth meaning 18–35 will dump them too and find someone else as they can’t wait any longer for leadership that looks to the future like climate change and racial justice and all the other issues that are important to them.

Hope that is clear to those who read the other answers, they don’t get it. I am not saying I do, but at least I am listening and trying to provide paths forward so the youth of US and other nations can lead us into the future as after all, they are the future.

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