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Why have Kuwait blacklisted Pakistanis?

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After a major terrorist attack in 1985 that targeted the former Emir of Kuwait late Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmed al-Jaber al-Sabah, who was very pro-Pakistan and enjoyed a strong friendship with former Pakistani President Zia in Kuwait. The Lebanese Hezbollah militia carried out an assassination attempt against Sheikh Jaber as he drove from his residence to office. He survived with minor injuries. Several of his guards were killed. He addressed the nation that evening and was visibly shaken. Iran organized the attack and recruited Lebanese and Kuwaiti citizens to do it. Two Iranians were reportedly involved and one or both entered Kuwait using fake Pakistani passports.

Why have Kuwait blacklisted Pakistanis?

Kuwaitis started scrutinizing Pakistani passengers and visitors after this incident, especially when intelligence suggested that Iran-backed Hezbollah was extensively using fake Pakistani passports across the Gulf. Apparently, due to the Afghan war and the chaos resulting from four-million Afghan refugees entering Pakistan, the Lebanese militia and its Iranian patrons were able to easily procure Pakistani passports. Pakistanis are not banned in Kuwait. To its credit, Kuwait helped Pakistan after the nuclear tests of 1998 and the western sanctions by supplying oil on deferred payments. Pakistanis continue to visit and work in Kuwait but the process of obtaining new visas is difficult. However, there is no blanket ban.

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