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 Do many people think Biden got 81 million votes?

Written by NewsAward

Go to your local supermarket and watch it for a while.

Time after time, shopper after shopper, they figure out how much each person bought, and add it up.

Time after time after time.

They do so by recording what you buy and calculating a total.

This activity is so commonplace and reliable that you expect it as the norm at your grocery store, hardware store, restaurants, etc. You take it for granted that airlines keep track of purchases, available seats, etc.

Now here’s the mind-blowing fact: election officials do the same thing. And they are under a legal obligation to do so and are monitored.

People know this truth. But there has been a very deliberate assault on the truth with a variety of bogus attacks on the legitimacy of election results by certain people to suit their purposes. They expected that enough people would fall for their lies to enable them to have a shot at remaining in power when they lost the next election.

They came uncomfortably close to being right.

So take some time to study the story of the 2020 election critically. Learn about the silly challenges that were made. Read the systematic refutations. Read the bizarre lawsuits. Read the motions to dismiss those lawsuits and the rulings of the courts.

Read these for yourself. Don’t read someone’s biased analysis.

Heck, don’t trust my analysis. Do the work. It isn’t really that hard and doesn’t take all that long. By doing so, you empower yourself and make it harder for people to lie to you.

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