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Which country in the world offers the most jobs for foreigners?

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I arrived at Sheraton Hotel in Kuwait City around 2.00 am. after a 6-hour journey from Singapore, it was a visa and paperwork that caused a delay at the airport.

The next morning, my colleagues and I left the hotel and mingled around at the walking street near a shopping mall. All of us thought we were in Mumbai or any Indian city.

  • All we saw were Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, and Egyptians only the shopkeepers were Arabs, easily recognized by the way they dressed with a headdress. But we were in Kuwait, a wealthy state in the Gulf with a population of 4.2 million-plus.

Kuwait is among the countries of the Arabian Gulf that offers jobs to foreigners, where 7 in 10 walking in this country are foreigners. There are a large number of expatriates in Kuwait, with most residing in Kuwait City, which accounted for 70% of Kuwait’s total population.

There are around 960,000 Indians. Egyptians are the largest Arab community in Kuwait, a population of over 500,000. Pakistanis in Kuwait are 130,000, another 350,000 Bangladeshis.

There are reportedly 250,000 Filipinos, 60% of them are domestic maids. The rest are Europeans, Americans, and other long-stay Arabs.

Expatriates are primarily attracted by employment opportunities as there are no income taxes in Kuwait. Besides, supercars are cheap with a modern lifestyle imaginable.

Driving, fishing, boating, you name it. Social life is awesome in this tiny wealthy Gulf state.

Most migrant workers are construction workers, security guards, operators of heavy equipment, and truck drivers, while expatriates are working as professional in countless fields, like lawyers, doctors, engineers & architects in construction sectors.

There is no limit on employment opportunities in Kuwait… One simple reason is Kuwaitis are not your competitors as there are your bosses or bosses’ children.

  • The pandemic of the Coronavirus has hard-hit Kuwait badly. Kuwaitis have seen the exodus of workers of all nationalities during the Covid— looking more like the Exodus when Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt.

I wonder— what Kuwait would be like during and after the Covid?

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