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Does Palestine as a nation have a royal navy force as a military harm

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I have not written on Quora in months but I do feel the need to compose a more straightforward and honest answer to this question than the one currently being offered.

Does Hamas have a navy?

Not officially, but Hamas does have a coastguard and a naval commando unit.

The coastguard was founded in 2007 and employed around 150 men at the time. They started out by using old Fatah posts and mounted machine guns near the coast. It has grown significantly since, and in 2016 a patrol unit was established. The coastguard is meant to serve a civil rather than military function, particularly keeping the peace and maintaining order as thousands of Gazans go out fishing every day. Fishing is one of the Strip’s largest sectors. It’s also meant to send a threatening message to the IDF and a calming one to the people of Gaza: we too have military might at sea. While much of the coastguard’s personnel are also involved in Hamas’ military wing which arouses some suspicion, the coastguard mostly cooperates with the Israeli Navy in preventing smugglers and keeping Gazan fishermen away from Israeli shores.

The naval commando unit is another story altogether. They are well trained and armed and their express purpose is to collect intelligence against Israel and, on occasion, to infiltrate Israel for full-on terror attacks, such as in the notorious Zikim incident in 2014.

Classified IDF material on Gaza war terror attack uploaded to YouTube

This is one of Hamas’ most elite units. They were probably trained by professionals in the Iranian Army, and the IDF has caught a number of advanced arms smuggle en route to this force. Hamas is quite proud of them and distributes photos like the ones above on various media all the time.

So while Hamas’ prowess at sea doesn’t really match that of real countries, saying they have none would be wrong. I would put it like this: Hamas’ naval forces are certainly not something the IDF can’t deal with, but they are something the IDF has to put a lot of time, effort, and money into dealing with. They don’t pose a regular threat to Israeli civilians, but only because the IDF is constantly working to curb their activity.

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