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The full story of What Myanmar is known for?

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In Australia, Myanmar (formerly Burma) is known for having produced a Princess who married an Aussie bookmaker. That is, he was a bloke who took bets on which horses would win a race.

After World War I, Princess Limbin Hteiktin Ma Lat (1894–1965)

was living in Rangoon (now Yangon) with the rest of the royal family. Not that they had any power or wealth: the British had ousted them in 1885.

Herbert Bellamy was not Princess Ma Lat’s first choice—that had been an Indian prince, but he died in 1914.
Unexpectedly, she was smitten with love for the dashing and debonair Mr. Bellamy. He bred horses, managed the Maymyo Racecourse, and calmed himself down by growing orchids.

They married in 1921.
In 1932 was born their daughter June Rose Bellamy, or, Princess Yadana Nat Mei.
Here she is with her mother,

and in about 1947 with her father.

In 1976, June Rose went on to wed the Burmese dictator Ne Win,

to improve a lot of the people, as she later claimed.

Instead, they divorced after 5 months.
She said he threw an ash-tray at her.
He said she was a CIA spy.

Once a dictator, always a dictator,
is what her father would have said

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