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What is Nigeria lacking as a Nation here in Africa?

Written by NewsAward

When you ask the average Nigerian what he thinks his country is lacking, they might say good governance, infrastructure, jobs, etc.

These are things that are sufficient in many other countries, even in countries poorer than Nigeria, but they are able to get these things right.

Why is it difficult for Nigerians to get anything done in unison?

Just yesterday, a man died of coronavirus at Ajah, Lagos. He was reported of being sick before NCDC arrived to take him to the hospital, it was already too late and they asked to take the body to be buried appropriately, but the family and area boys refused that they want to bury their own dead.

While the NCDC guys were on PPE the family members and neighbours were not protected, dragging a man who had died of COVID.

A few days back, a patient ran away from a COVID-19 treatment centre in Abuja, he’s still not found.

Just last week, the chief of staff to the president died of COVID and politicians went to bury him, a large crowd stood by as they dug a shallow grave to lay him to rest according to his religion.

Some persons had their nose masks on with hand gloves, some didn’t, and even those with the hand gloves and masks used it wrongly–touching themselves after touching the body.

Which country gathers to bury a person killed by COVID?

Just yesterday, a bus supposedly said to be carrying goods to Delta state had human beings from Lagos on the inside, trying to outsmart the lockdown.

A few weeks back, despite the lockdown, birthday parties were celebrated, one actress and her husband were indicted and many Nigerians painted the court bad for that.

There are cars still moving about at Lagos Island, despite the lockdown. Suddenly, every high-ranking government official is on official duty.

The streets of Lagos are filled with people still.

And the last time I checked our cases now grow by an average of 100 a day.

It’s not just about COVID, this is exactly how we do everything in this country.

What do we really lack?

Your answer is as good as mine.

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