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International Scholarship for EMMAUS Fellowship

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International Scholarship for EMMAUS Fellowship

International Scholarship for EMMAUS Fellowship

Our EMMAUS Project supports students with cheap, simple rooms in a quiet and green environment in Munich, Germany. Kitchen, Internet, and laundry are provided. During their stay they are part of a study group on narratives and history, meeting once a week for supper.

The project’s website is in German, but the language of Fellows is English as well. Please don’t hesitate to write your questions in English.

Fellowships can start at any time. The normal duration of stay will be 6 months (max. 12 months). Prolongation can be arranged.


Students should be interested in interdisciplinary dialogue and sharing experiences.


Very cheap and quiet housing in Munich. Special skills in philosophy and theory of history.


We kindly ask you to apply in the form of one single PDF-file (max. 30 MB). The application must be formulated in English or German.

It must contain the following elements:

  • CV
  • Report about academical status and next plannings (1 page DIN A4)
  • Cerfiticate of the recent degree
  • Letter of motivation for this fellowship

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