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World Most Biggest Deadly Monster Fish, Mongolian Terror Trout

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World Most Biggest Deadly Monster Fish, Mongolian Terror Trout

 Top 10 dangerous fish on earth you don’t know about yet but very hard to see or catch in the ocean.

 Top 10 dangerous fish on earth you don't know about yet but very hard to see or catch in the ocean.

  1. Vampire Fish

see this river vampire up close and find out more about some of the biggest fangs on earth.

Zeb is in search of one of the freakiest fish in the world. Vampire Fish, known locally as payara, weigh up to 40 pounds, hunt like great white sharks, and make acrobatic leaps like giant tarpon. Zeb wants to catch a monster paraya to see this river vampire up close and to find out more about some of the biggest fangs on earth.


2. 400 Lb Super Stinger

Zeb smiling to camera with green sturgeon pulled out of water.

Fish biologist Zeb Hogan has caught two of the biggest ray species in the world, but there’s one last monster ray he wants to find! Join Zeb on his South American adventure as he navigates the murky rivers of Northern Argentina in search of the largest freshwater ray on the continent, the short-tailed river ray


3. Giant Killer Catfish

Join Zeb as he heads to the ancient French town of Albi in search of Europe’s largest freshwater predator, the wels catfish, where he witnesses one of the most bizarre feeding behaviors he’s ever seen: mimicking killer whales, catfish are launching themselves out of the water to feed on pigeons!


4. Shark Eating Goliath

Join Zeb as he searches the tropical waters of Florida in search of the largest west Atlantic grouper, the goliath grouper. With the help of leading scientists and local fisherman, Zeb navigates the choppy swells of the North Atlantic and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, whilst coming face to face with some of the most ferocious apex predators in the ocean.


5. Red, White, And Huge!

Zeb Hogan traverses the globe in search of exotic river titans. But some freshwater monsters live closer to home than you think… right here in the USA. Zeb is on a mission to find these fascinating, but little-known giants so we can learn more about them. From 100-year-old white sturgeon on the pacific coast to notorious river sharks at the southern tip of Florida, Zeb encounters the fish beasts of red, white, and blue.


6. Thai-Tanic Titans

Home to more mega fish species than anywhere else on earth, Thailand is the Monster Fish Holy Grail. Zeb Hogan travels across the country, teaming up with experts and applying local techniques to hunt down the biggest and baddest monster fish on the planet. Prepare for a close encounter with some of the largest fish in the world, including giant carp, dog-eating catfish, and giant freshwater stingray.


7. Monsters of Oz, The

Zeb with chinook salmon (Photo Credit: Josh Thomas)

Zeb Hogan goes Down Under, where freshwater predators battle for top rank. From a 6-foot fish with a saw for a nose to huge river sharks that aren’t afraid to take a bite out of the competition, Australia is no place for the weak. To learn what makes these predators tick, Zeb needs to find them. He teams up with local experts to catch the strange and seriously deadly river goliaths in the land of Oz. Who will come out on top– and alive?


8. Colossal Catches

There’s fish… and then there’s Monster Fish. Zeb Hogan has traveled to exotic locations across the globe to find and study some of the largest mega fish species known to man. Now, Zeb’s counting down his top ten biggest, toughest, and most astonishing catches of all time. Take a tour around the world, as one mega fish after another appears from the depths, all the way to the most massive number one catch.


9. Freaks of Nature

There are more than 14,000 freshwater fish species on the planet, each perfectly adapted to their unique environments… but some of these adaptations can yield freakish results. Zeb is on a mission to find some of the world’s most bizarre freshwater beasts. From a land-walking fish that can breathe air, to one with teeth like a saber-toothed tiger, prepare to get weird with some seriously strange monster fish.


10. World Class Giants

Zeb Hogan will go just about anywhere to find rare and exotic fish species, and this time he’s going intercontinental. On a six-continent journey around the globe, Zeb explores secret Amazonian lagoons, crosses Africa’s croc-infested Nile river, and spars with bull sharks in Australia, to name a few. On the way, he encounters the fascinating fish species that call these special corners of the world home.

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