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Day 6: Inspector Peace on a mission – BBNaija

Day 6: Inspector Peace on a mission - BBNaija
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Day 6: Inspector Peace on a mission – BBNaija

Peace is convinced she knows who the Wildcards are. Let’s indulge her.

The hunt for the wildcards has become intense in the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ House and it has us gagging with laughter. As Biggie revealed them to us recently, the Housemates are still clueless and a few names that have come up as possible suspects include Liquorose, JayPaul, Emmanuel and Beatrice.

It’s all funny to us on the outside because we know the truth and can clearly tell the Housemates are on a jonzing level.😂

Biggie clearly revealed to us on Thursday who the Wildcards are and we are happy to see they have blended well with their fellow Housemates.

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One Housemate who has been quite open about her suspicions and her eagerness to find out who the wild cards are is Peace. She has been seen to have conversations with different people to prove who the Wildcards are and why she suspects them. Yesterday, she was talking about it in a conversation with Boma, Arin and guess who? Pere.😆

Talk about confiding in the devil!

Today’s conversation about her latest suspects was quite intense. In a chat with Tega, Peace was sure Liquorose and JayPaul were the Wildcards.

If only she knew!

One of the reasons she gave was that Biggie did not ask them about who the Wildcards are in their Diary Sessions. Why? “They are the wildcards”. She also picked up on a statement made by JayPaul about letting the Wildcards stay in the House.

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Oh Peace, we can’t wait to see the look on your face on Sunday.😰

Anyway, it seems our dear HoH may not be the only one in for a rude shock. This is because Arin and Tega also hold on firmly to the belief that JayPaul and Liquorose are the Wildcards.

Not all are on board this train though. Boma and Cross do not seem to be convinced because they are not sure JayPaul would decide to come into the House as a Wildcard following how he lost a chance to be in the House last Season.

Can the Wildcards keep their cover for long? Only time will tell.

Diary session with a twist.



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