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Day 16: Biggy’s surprise and an emotional Eviction – BBNaija

Day 16: Biggy’s surprise and an emotional Eviction – BBNaija

What an emotionally-charged day!

The last two standing Housemates from the nominated five took time to savour the sweet escape from Eviction, and we can’t help but celebrate their extended stay in Big Brother’s House.

Whitemoney’s emotions got the best of him as he stood by the window fighting back tears and muttering words of thanks to the Higher Being for extending his stay in the House. This might be the closest he has gotten to opening up and showing this vulnerable side of himself. Yousef – amazingly – kept a cool demeanour after his ecstatic show of gratitude when Ebuka announced he was safe. He then went on to share a quiet moment with Angel discussing how it hurt to watch Yerins and Beatrice leave.

Welcoming the new crew

Just like a true host, Boma welcomed the newcomers into the Shine Ya Eye House as he nudged them to formally introduce themselves to the rest of the Housemates. One by one, they stepped in front of the Geng to talk about themselves and their background. After being welcomed by the Head of House, Boma gave the new Housemates a tour of the House to acquaint them with this new space.



Although the Housemates did not have the usual toasts and celebrations for the new Housemates, Michael, was welcomed with a blessing from Whitemoney and a plate of food from the Shine Ya Eye ladies.

While the entry of four new Housemates was unexpected, Big Brother’s surprise truly lived up to the theme of this season. Some of the Housemates took time to discuss the new Housemates ,and we’re curious to see how their presence will impact all sorts of ships and cliques in this House.

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