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Day 2 – Engaging the Power of Divine Secrets _ Hour of Visitation

Day 2 - Engaging the Power of Divine Secrets _ Hour of Visitation

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Topic: Engaging the Power of Divine Secrets

Ministering: Pastor David Abioye


Day 2 - Engaging the Power of Divine Secrets _ Hour of Visitation

Every child of god has access to then secrets but a slave has natural talent for demoralization yet it’s not so for us.

Examples from the bible tell us that it can be done. It inspires us towards the actualization

  1. Joseph –genesis 41:38-40

The secrets of god is what we call the breath of god. You cannot classify men who have the spirit of god in them. They are unclassifiable.

  1. Daniel –Daniel 2:17-19;46-47
  2. Job –job 1:1-3/29:1-4

Men of secrets always know what to do next; that is why they are always smiling.

  1. Paul –Ephesians 1:3, 2nd peter 3:15
  2. David -1st Samuel 13:14

How to access divine secrets

  1. New birth –john 3:3, mark 4:11

Intellects will always lead to guesses but divine secrets will lead you to accuracy and precision

  1. Walking in the fear of god –Isaiah 41:8, genesis 17:1-2, psalm 25:14, genesis 42:18, job 1:8
  2. Be in love with god -2nd Corinthians 2:9

Love for god gives you access to the heart of god. -1st john 4:8

Love can take you beyond what god what god must have already originally been ordained for you

There is no sealing to any Secrets for the lovers of god. Love is a depth that has no limits. Taking us from height to height, length to length and so on

  1. Engage in prayer of inquiry –Daniel 2:17-19, Matthew 7:7

Learn to pray in the language of the Holy Spirit because that is where the mysteries evolve

When you don’t get the understanding of what is going on, pray in the language you don’t understand.

  1. revelations 1:12/4:1-2

Don’t let carnality rule your life

  1. engage in prayer and fasting(as required)

Some people are in failure, things are not working and they are still eating.

When you fast, your spirit comes up but your body goes down. Fasting will not change God but it will change you and your situation.

  1. Always acknowledge God as the source for your being more than a conqueror –Genesis 42: 15-16, Daniel 2:19-20.
  2. don’t forget to thank God for every victory
  3. the thankful are always inspired


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