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Day 2 – Operating in the realms of more than a conqueror _ Hour of Visitation

Day 2 - Operating in the realms of more than a conqueror _ Hour of Visitation

Word 4

The power of faith

Operating in the realms of more than a conqueror

Ministering: Bishop David O. Oyedepo


Day 2 - Operating in the realms of more than a conqueror _ Hour of Visitation

We are overcomers by faith but the supernatural grace of God, we are redeemed to be more than conquerors

Everything in God has order, every end product demands a process.

Hebrews 11:34. We have levels of faith given to everyone at creation. You can believe in what you want to even without being born again. That faith is what we use to be born again and that makes an overcomer of believers. Faith is embedded in a human.

Everything we do is as by the spirit of God and all we desire can only answer to our faith.

What is the spirit of faith?

  1. Supernatural faith creates solutions –John 1:3
  2. It quickens the dead back to life –Matthew 8:8
  3. It never staggers at the promise of God

What God brings our way, is what we believe in.

  1. It provokes the strange acts of Godin our lives –Mark 2:1-12
  2. There is no irreversible case with supernatural faith –Matthew 7:11

without a genuine thirst, no one qualifies for empowerment of faith.

It takes strong faith to believe all things that God commands –Mark 4:40

The quality of our life is depending on our faith –Habakkuk 2:4, Isaiah 53:1. Faith is of the heart not the mouth or the face. It is within.

Why do we need supernatural faith?

There are giants in the way of every believer and it takes strong faith to overcome them.

  1. To displace the giants in our way
  2. 1st Corinthians 16:9, Deuteronomy 2:24- To stop the enemy from resisting God’s plan

There will always be a red sea toward our journey to the promise land, it takes faith to overcome it (go forward).

  1. It makes us dare oppositions.
  2. It will always put our enemy to flight.

Characteristics of the supernatural faith

  1. It is a speaking force.

it takes strong faith to say God’s plan out, not to stagger in the process, to believe it till it delivers, to pursue it.

  1. it is a driving force –Hebrews 11:7
  2. it is a daring force -1st Samuel 17:45-46

Manifestations of the supernatural faith

  1. It speaks through the carrier.
  2. It empowers you to see the invisible through the eyes of faith -Hebrews 11:27

You can’t be conscious that God is with you then still be afraid

  1. It empowers us to think the unthinkable
  2. It puts the believer at rest during the times of turmoil –Mark 4:38

Anything you truly believe, God is committed to deliver.

Supernatural faith empowers the believer to access to strange feats

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