4TH PRE SHILOH ENCOUNTER SERVICE _ understanding the wonders for thanksgiving – Pastor Solomon

Putting up a fight against the forces of unrighteousness - Pastor Solomon Bidemi

2nd Service, November 14, 2021

Theme: God Work Wonders through Praise

Text: Psalm 92:1-2

Topic: understanding the wonders of thanksgiving. Part 2b


Ministering: Pastor Sidney Omorogbe


In thanksgiving we access his presence and in his presence our pressures are converted into pleasures Psl 16:11 thanks giving is acknowledging god as the one responsible for all the good things around us, thanks giving is the celebration of gods works In our lives. 2 Samuel 9:1




3rd service, November 14, 2021


Theme: God work wonder through praise.

Text: psalm 92:1-2



Ministering: Pastor Solomon


2 chro16:1, Matt.9:20, Mark 9:1\2:4luke 5:17, Gen1:14, Heb 4:17. When you home is intact your miracles shall be deliver let your confidence be place so as to receive miracles. Heb10:36. It is the force of hope that releases the fragrance of thanksgiving. Rome4:20. You may not be able to control your environment but you have the power to control focus. Heb12:2. Is the tool use by god to construct your life? “Thanksgiving minimize the effect of negative things, when you are giving God thanks you are giving God pleasure. ROMS15:4.” A quality thanksgiving is based on the force of hope”. Hope doesn’t not function in the written work of testimony but it function in testimony. “Thanks giving is the product of your chosen focus”. Thanksgiving takes our focus to determine our feelings 2 cor 3:13. Phil 4:8-9. If your countenance does not change your circumstance will still remain the same. Thanksgiving occurs when we begin to remember what God has done. “You must paint the picture of the future you want to feature in from the scripture”.  Your attitude is your greatest asset for your miracles. You overtake by the force of thanksgiving. Correcting our focus is the first thing to correcting our thankfulness. Psalm 42:1-5. God’s power is ever abiding in Zion.  “Until you look at the right thing you will never get enlightened”

Benefit of thanksgiving?

Putting up a fight against the forces of unrighteousness - Pastor Solomon Bidemi

Jer 30:19. The atmosphere you permit is what determines our product. Luke17:1, gratitude is the seed for more.

Why do we give God?

  1. Thanks giving is what we owe God. 2 Thess. 2:13. When we give God thanks he enlightens our hope.
  2. Because God is the source of everything we enjoy. JAMES 1:17
  3. For every good things he has done. EPH 5:20, 2 Cor 2:7, thanksgiving is what prove the fulfillment of prophecy.

Joel 2:21. Luke 21:13



Understanding the benefit and wonders of thanksgiving pt3a

Ministering: Pts. Solomon (ARP)

8 keys to praise and scarified

  1. Understand that scarified
  2. Stop discussing thing that does not add value and things to your life. eph . 4:29
  3. Focus on the wonderful blessing and what he has done for your life palms 68:19, Isiah 3:12, Isiah 45 1-3
  4. Cry out to God when you sense an unthanks fullness growing within yourself palms 34:17
  5. Confess your sin with in heart of gratitude within you
  6. Believe that your trail will seize palms 34:19, I corin 10:13
  7. Keep a picture of the miracle that you have pursue in front of you hebw. 11:1, philp. 3:14
  8. Withdraws from unthankful and contentious people 1 corin 15:33, provb. 26:21

Things that you can get through thanksgiving. Palms 92:2-10 & 13, 2 king 2:16

Product of thanksgiving –

  1. Fruitfulness palms 92:14
  2. Increase via praise and thanksgiving – palms 67:6

Without joy you are excuse from God present – james 5:7, james 1:17, lamen. 3:22-23, palms 103:2

Thanksgiving magnified your life in the present of the lord 1 sam. 17:26, Joshua 6:20, heb. 11:3

Thanksgiving multiple the hand of God in our lives john 6:11, john 10:10

Benefit of praise through thanksgiving

  1. God deliver the land of Israel to his people via through praise jud. 1:2, 2 chron. 20:22

Praise and thanksgiving is the weapon that can turn your harvest into a battle field when you give God thanks, thanksgiving is the gate way to a new height

Thankfulness toward God determine the blessing and relationship we have with him  luke 17:18, PROVB 13:2, hewb 13:15

Thanksgiving move us from one level to another luke 17:17-18, romans 4:17-21. Ephcians 3:20

Thanksgiving help us to move from dryness to glory

Thanksgiving moves us from riches to glory through praise

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