Covenant Day Enough is Enough – Pastor Sidney Omoregbo

Covenant Day Enough is Enough - Pastor Sidney Omoregbo

(3rd service, 19 September 2021)

Covenant Day Enough is Enough

Ministering: Sidney Omoregbo

Topic: Understanding the pathway to Godliness (part 3c)

Subtopic: Dangers of self-righteousness

Bible character: The story of the prodigal son. Luke 15:12

Covenant Day Enough is Enough - Pastor Sidney Omoregbo

How to turn my shame into glory

  • For things to work in your favour in this kingdom is not the activity but the mentality behind the activity. Matt 13:23
  • Understanding is called “working knowledge”, going under to find out what makes something to stand. Isa 37:31 by pastor Sidney omoregbo
  • “If you are not seeing your desire fruit check your root” if the root is in place the fruit will naturally display. God has a pattern for service. Mark 3:14.

Pattern for profitable living

  1. They are to be with him, it is your work with God that give value to your work for God. Stop running after bread.

Lesson to learn on the prodigal son

  • The prodigal son prayed prayers. Luke15:12-13, the prodigal son insulted the father by asking for his share. Those that always like to beg “give me” are spiritual babies. God will never give you what you ask for if you are not mature for it. After he learnt his lesson he prayed the second prayer “enough is enough” Luke 15:19. The second prayer he prayed was to make him. Mature Christian don’t pray “give me” they pray “make me”. Act 20:32
  • When God makes you anything he gives you, you can handle it, if God does not build you for something, he does not give you that thing. When you pray, ask for “capacity”. -Luke 15:15-16
  • The prodigal son took responsibility for his predicament, he didn’t blame anybody. A mature Christian takes responsibility for his action, it takes responsibility to enjoy change. The problem of the prodigal son was not the environment but the disconnection from his father (relationship). Luke 15:18-22. When he returned his relationship his shame was restored. Rev. 3:16. If you want a change leave your environment. Never condemn a man because of his past, don’t judge a man by what you see. Heb. 11:32, judge16:28
  • The love of the father is beyond comprehension. Luke 22:15

Keys to experience a turnaround

  • The key of reaction. Luke 15:17 what you don’t fight will fight you, how desperate are you for change. Satan is a spiritual abgero
  • The key of revelation job 37:12
  • The key of decision, desperation will drive you to look for revelation but revelation will make you make the right decision. Luke15:18, “it is your decision that changes your destination”. Every genuine revelation will drive you to make the right decision.luke15:20.
  • The key of action. Until you get to the last step, God will not make any decision for you.
  • The anointing is for grace. John 1:14, truth is the revelation and truth is the impartation to put it to work.

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