Covenant Day of Favour and Special End of the Month Thanksgiving Service

Covenant Day of Favour and Special End of the Month Thanksgiving Service

(1st service, 26th September, 2021)

Covenant Day of Favour and Special End of the Month Thanksgiving Service

Ministering: Pastor Emmanuel Edile

Topic: Understanding the pathway to Godliness (part 4a)

Covenant Day of Favour and Special End of the Month Thanksgiving Service

Subtopic: Dangers of self-righteousness

Bible character: The story of the prodigal son. Luke 15:12

Isaiah 49:15. Godliness empowers us for profiting and all round living in all areas of life. Godliness is the foundation for all round profit. We must note that God is more interested in who we are and what He wants us to become than we want. It is in becoming who God wants us to be that grants us access to the fullness of His blessings and that is why He is calling us -1st Peter 1:15-16. The breakthroughs that we seek after is not as important as who God wants us to be in life

Today, we focus more on what we want but care less about who we are and what God wants us to become in life. That is why so many Christians miss it in life. We end up caring so much about breakthrough. But we must get it right that it is becoming who God wants us to be. God is preparing us for the glory that He has prepared for us

We must understand as well that God has empowered and equipped us with everything that is required/needed to live a Godly life. 2nd Peter 1:3. Living a godly life is possible. Godly life is not what we should struggle for. He has called and ordained man to live as such -Genesis 1:26. Everything that makes God, God; we’re made of those too by redemption. Romans 6:12-16 -The devil cannot force any believer to sin except he/she wants to. The seed of Holiness/Godliness is n us that is why we must resist every sin of Ungodliness that is making us not to praise God.

The devil did not force Adam to sin, he only suggested to him. He had the ability to choose. In this times, carelessness, indiscipline and ignorant is causing people to sin more than the devil himself. We must guide ourselves against them in order for us to stand our ground.

Cost Of Ungodliness

  1. It blocks our access to supernatural breakthroughs -Hosea 7:1, Job 22:23
  2. It destroys destiny -Proverbs 16:18
  3. It blocks our access to eternity -1st Corinthians 6:9-11

A lot of believers today, we are distracted costing us our place with Christ at the end of the day -1st Timothy 4:8

Church gist: the only sin that God will not forgive is the sin you refuse to confess. Proverbs 28:13

Righteousness/Godliness is the foundation of enjoying God’s favour and favour comes from God –Genesis 29, Exodus 11:3. To enjoy His favour, we must stand right. It is God’s channel for bringing His people out of captivity and struggles of life.

Keys To Operating In The Race Of Favour

  1. New birth
  2. Serving God and the interest of His kingdom; this is another vital channel to secure favour –Psalm 102:13-14, Matthew 6:33, Job 36:11

Obadiah 1:17

Interjected by: Pastor Sidney Omorogbe

James 1:17 your blessings comes in perishables entities.

  1. Good gift
  2. Perfect gifts

A good gift can become bad. What preserves it to make it perfect is Thanksgiving. Everything God does for us is a test to check our heart. Luke 17:15-17. Thanksgiving begins with observation. Church gist: Until you come to thank Him for the last, you are not qualified for the next. If God has done anything to you but your heart is still breathing, He has done everything.


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