God Work Wonders through Praise – Pastor Sidney Omoregbe

God Work Wonders through Praise - Pastor Sidney Omoregbe

3rd Service, November 7, 2021

Theme: God Work Wonders through Praise

Text: Psalm 92:1-2

Topic: understanding the wonders of thanksgiving. Part 1c


Ministering: Pastor Sidney Omoregbe


How to turn my praise into a raise (into a miracle)

God Work Wonders through Praise - Pastor Sidney Omoregbe

Praise means the power to raise when praise is in place raising is about to take place. Thanksgiving is celebrating the goodness of God in our life. Thanksgiving target act. Praise is the celebration of Gods act in our life. Praise will always give birth to breakthrough or turnaround. The room for turnaround or breakthrough is praise. Matt1:3. Judah means to praise while phares means breakthrough. “When you praise through you break through”. We don’t just praise God for what he has done but we praise God for things to happen. Psa 67:5-6. Psa 47:7. It is not just the activity that brings result but the mentality that govern the activity that brings result. 2kings 3:15-20, “every time you praise God your increase come”. “Praise will bring our harvest but the harvest that is not define will be lost”. In praise you secure your breakthrough but in prophecy you harvest it.

What is prophesy

  1. Giving a definite declaration with scriptural validation. Gen 1:2, Heb 11:3
  2. Giving expression to your expectation in line with scriptural provision. Job 32:28. In prayers we talk to God in prophesy we talk to the situation .Eze. 37:1-10. Prophesy turns hopelessness into fruitfulness.


The forces of praise

  1. The force of excitement. Luke 1:45
  2. The force of faith. Mark 11:33-38, “the prophesy you don’t believe you can’t harvest it”.
  3. The force of courage.
  4. The force of right living. 1sam 2:27-30. Rev.3:20. Exo15:11


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