Mid-Week Communion Service _ The Nature Of Sin – Pastor Koyaya Bernard

Mid-Week Communion Service _ The Nature Of Sin - Pastor Koyaya Bernard

(Mid-Week Communion Service, 22nd September, 2021)

Ministering: Koyaya Bernard


Mid-Week Communion Service _ The Nature Of Sin - Pastor Koyaya Bernard

You don’t become a winner by just sleeping and waking up, it takes a fight Hebrews 12:1-3. You don’t wish it –Matthew 11:12. The forces want us to live against the plan of God for our lives -Revelations 12:7-8; 12

The Nature Of Sin

  1. Sin is disobedience to God
  • Sin is scriptural instructions neglected. To forcefully push the people of this world to Neglect God and his Principles. It blinds the mind and eye -2nd Corinthians 4:4, Ephesians 4:18. When sin blinds your eyes, it turns you blind on Godly things.

Forces Of Sin

  1. The spirit of rebellion

It makes us to disobey constituted authorities and so on. You find yourself doing what you don’t want to do. This spirit makes you to thwart orders. 1st Samuel 15:23. Church gist: You don’t have fly in the air at night to be a witch. Anytime you see yourself going against good, it’s the rebellious spirit, You need to fight it. Deuteronomy 1:27. Anytime you rebel, you go down.

Benefits of Godliness

  1. Godly people are full of light and they promote light –Mathew 5:14;16

Anywhere you see them, you will know them. Your light shines to others.

  1. Revelation

Men of light are men of revelation, insight and impact –Psalm 25:14.

When you don’t have light, you are limited, when your sight is affected, you are limited. The more light you have, the more revelation and speed you have. When you carry God’s light, you carry secret. Church gist: When you are Godly, you don’t lack path, You have access to secrets. Proverbs 1:23. Those who fight physical fight are those who lack understanding of where they stand. Carry light and the benefits will show Isaiah 60:1. Church gist: If you carry long face, you have a long way to go. The difference will show. You cannot survive in darkness if you don’t vary light.

Interjected by: Pastor Sidney Omorogbe

In warfare, it’s not number that wins it, its asset. THE GREATEST ASSET IS KNOWLEDGE. -1st Samuel 13:17

Satan has not changed strategy, he is not creative. It’s the same.

What Is The Mission Of The Spoiler?

  • To take out the Blacksmith. To go to the areas where there are blacksmiths and eliminate them. They are sent abroad to take out. -1st Samuel 13:19

Why The Blacksmith?

  • If you eliminate the blacksmith, there won’t be weapons. If there is no blacksmith, there won’t be able to go for war

What is the need going for war without weapon?

Who Is The Blacksmith Of Our Time?

  • The Holy Spirit

He has managed to quench the fire in us by giving us different distractions –Psalm 85:6

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