Understanding the pathway to Godliness (part 2c) – Pastor Sidney Omoregbe

Understanding the pathway to Godliness (part 2c) - Pastor Sidney Omoregbe

(3rd service, 12 September 2021)

Ministering: Sidney Omoregbe

Topic: Understanding the pathway to Godliness (part 2c)

Subtopic: Fight for the family    

Understanding the pathway to Godliness (part 2c) - Pastor Sidney Omoregbe  

Marriage and family is the foundation for every society, the society is a carious because of breakdown the family has brought us. Gen1:28, there is a blessing that you get when you have a family. There is a divine order to enjoy the best of live. Gen 26:1,110-14,

The secret of Isaac

  1. His priority Gen26:25, his most priority was God, then his family, then his business. Your family is the ladder that connect heaven to man, your family is the door way to your destiny in the future. The breakdown in the family leads to breakdown in our career.

What is a family?

  1. A group of people
  2. A group of related people bound together by a common accessory of marriage and living together under the same roof these may consist of
  3. Biblically It is a Christian home Gen 18:19, it is a house hold of faith. Psa115:12-14, Gen 2:15, the job description of a farmer is different from that of a famer. To dress means to uproot challenges, the problem you don’t solve will take root and spread. Gen2:15. If you don’t handle the greed the snake will come. Gen 3:6, 2:16-17,23 you need wisdom to secure the home

How do you take your place as a man and a high priest of the family so as to secure your family?

  1. You need the hand of the lord. Psa127:1,1pet3:7, Ecc4:12
  2. You must be prayerful. EXO. 28:29-30
  3. Offer thanksgiving for the family not to complain and murmur.
  4. Intercede on behalf of your family. Job 1:5
  5. He has to make salvation known to the family.

Role of a husband

  1. It is the duty for the husband to exercise faith for the family. Mark 9:17-20
  2. It is the duty of the man to be an example to the family. If your children can not relate to you as a father they can never be close to God. You represent a prophet to the children.

How does husband fight for the family

  1. Be as a priest to your family
  2. Be as a prophet to your family. GEN 31:32-34,35:16-20
  3. He is the king over the family, it is the duty of the husband to manage and administer his home in the fear of the lord.

Duties of a husband

  1. It is your duty to provide for the family.
  2. It is your duty to seek guardians to your family. Ruth 1:1-5
  3. It is the duty of the husband to provide discipline to the family.


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