Understanding the power in the anointing oil – Pastor Sidney Omorogbe

Understanding the power in the anointing oil - Pastor Sidney Omorogbe

(Sunday 2nd Service, 15th October 2021)


Topic: Unveiling the wonders in the word Pt. 3B

Subtopic: Understanding the power in the anointing oil

Ministering: Pastor Sidney Omorogbe

Understanding the power in the anointing oil - Pastor Sidney Omorogbe

Another meaning for understanding is the working knowledge

Working knowledge is different from general knowledge. We live in a kingdom that is governed by mysteries and the anointing oil is one of it Mark 4:11, Ephesians 3:1-5

Mysteries are divine secrets that are embedded in scriptures. They may look foolish/stupid but often time, they are validated by testimonies, proofs. How can we know if a mystery is true? By the result 2nd Corinthians 11:3

Mysteries are simple but due to its simplicity, they are doubted. The harder people see it, the more desperate they become. The mystery of the anointing looks simple, but it is very powerful

Reasons for the anointing table

  1. Power to perform (anointing to do)
  2. Power for warfare (anointing against evil) Matthew 10:1, Exodus 30:25-31

There is anointing for things and for people. It is to continue for generations unending. Mark 6:7; 13

#James 5:13-15. The Holy Spirit is the force behind the anointing oil. It’s not the oil itself. It’s just a medium of carrying the anointing by the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Spirit operates through the anointing in seven dimensions –Revelations 4:5/5:6. It’s the combination of the dimensions that is the anointing. Apart from Jesus, no other man has operated in all the dimensions at the same time. It can happen at intervals, but not at the same time/once

  1. The spirit of the Lord
  2. The spirit of wisdom
  3. The spirit of understanding
  4. The spirit of counsel (the ability to give right advice in any situation)
  5. The spirit of might –
  6. The spirit of knowledge
  7. The spirit of the fear of the Lord

The anointing is more of wisdom than of power 71.4% of wisdom and 28.6% of power.

No. 1 & 6 is pertaining to power while the rest is pertaining to wisdom.

1st Samuel 9:27

It is the word that gives value to the oil. It is the understanding of the mystery that empowers it to work

What is in the oil?

  1. In the oil is the breakthrough power of God by the anointing. Isaiah 45:1-3
  2. The yoke destroying power of God. Isaiah 10:27
  3. The exemption power of God. Psalm 105:13-15. The anointing making you a touch-not. A seal of exemption upon a man’s life -Ephesians 1:13
  4. The healing power of God. Mark 6:7; 13
  5. The miracle working power of God. Luke 9:1
  6. The resurrection power of God. 1st Samuel 10:1-2, John 10:10
  7. The turnaround owner of God 1st Samuel 10:6, Acts 2:14-15
  8. The enthronement power of God. 1st Samuel 12:1. It turns captives to captains. Moves people from under to on top

How do we apply the anointing oil?

  1. On our forehead/the part of the body that has challenge
  2. By taking the shot of the anointing -Matthew 3:11-12


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