Unveiling the mystery of the blood of sprinkling – Pastor Sidney Omorogbe

Unveiling the mystery of the blood of sprinkling - Pastor Sidney Omorogbe

(Friday, 15th October 2021)

Special Blood Of Sprinkling

Topic: Unveiling the mystery of the blood of sprinkling

Ministering: Pastor Sidney Omorogbe

Unveiling the mystery of the blood of sprinkling - Pastor Sidney Omorogbe

Obadiah 1:17. Every time we are before the lord, we are coming to Zion. Zion is w

Every time you come to the mountain, expect three things

  1. To be delivered from everything that is not of God in your life
  2. Renewal/sanctification. Zion is where we come to have our bath spiritually. Just like we take our bath physically to avoid stench, that’s how we must take it spiritually by going to Zion
  3. To possess your covenant inheritance. Many of us come to service casually, that why they don’t have encounters. Encounter is what we use to mark our service. Psalm 65:4. God’s goodness is released in Zion.

Nehemiah 8:5. Every time the book is open, we change levels

What Is A Mystery?

  1. A mystery is a divine secret that is embedded/hidden in scriptures –Ephesians 3:2-5; 9-10

Mysteries are communicated by revelation, not information

Mystery is the wisdom of God, gained from scriptures to handle situations in other to gain dominion

  1. Mysteries are hidden truths in God’s word with open proves

How do you know a mystery is effective? By the result it produces. You can deny mysteries but you can’t deny proves. John 10:38

Only fools’ doubt proves

Mysteries are validated by testimonies. One of the things Satan do to water down the mystery is that he makes it too simple to be believed as a solution to a heavy problem. And a common man does not place value on something except its difficult, but in its simplicity is its effectiveness 2nd Corinthians 8:3. God is not complicated. Mysteries are simple, all it requires is your faith and belief. The blood covenant that Jesus secures for us brings about testimonies and turnaround in three dimensions.

But for mysteries to work for us:

  1. You must receive it

Its one thing to hear, it’s another thing to receive it –John 1:12

  1. Mysteries must be believed –Luke 1:45
  2. Mysteries must be applied –John 13:17, Joshua 1:8

The Dimensions Of The Application Of The Blood Covenant.

It is a spiritual force. It commands result in the realm of the spirit –Genesis 4:9-11, Hebrews 12:24

  1. Engaging the blood of sprinkling in spiritual warfare in prayer (pleading the blood) –Hebrews 13:20/12:11
  2. Partaking of the blood in holy communion (drinking the blood) –John 6:48, 1st Corinthians 11:23
  3. Engaging the Passover blood (sprinkling the blood) –Exodus 12:21-27

Why We Must Do This?

The blood of sprinkling was initiated by God. Why? To deliver his people -Exodus 11:1/12:31-33; 25

What To Expect When You Partake.

  1. Expect the destroyer to be found –Exodus 12:12; 1
  2. Expect the termination of misfortunes –Exodus 11:1-3/12:36

What Happened When The Israelites Partook Of The Blood

  • Their status changed from being slaves to free men
  • Every affliction from their taskmasters seized
  • From having nothing to own to being multi-billionaires.

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