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3 Paid Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website in 2020

Written by Emmy Dread

3 Paid Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website in 2020

Paid Ads

If you’re looking to generate traffic as quickly as possible, paid ads can be a great option. Generating organic traffic can take weeks or months, whereas paid ads if done correctly, can create an immediate influx of visitors.

That said, there are a few pieces of advice to keep in mind. For example, you should never pay for banner ads. Banner ads have a notoriously low rate of return, and most people only click on them by accident at this point.

For small businesses, Facebook advertising is the best place to get an easy return on investment. Or try an email newsletter directed to an audience that closely matches your customer base. Both of these options will allow you to easily measure results and adjust your ads on the fly.

If you want to dip your toe into social media ads, see if you can get some free ad coupons to start and avoid paying money for your early mistakes.

Press Releases

Distributing press releases can help you build brand awareness and generate traffic to your site since they are still widely used by news outlets looking for stories to cover.

If done correctly, your press release can be picked up by multiple outlets, which means more eyes on your business and your content. In addition to attracting visitors, your release may also lead to contact with a  reporter or two, which can certainly help with marketing down the line.

Depending on the distribution service you use, your press release can be sent to vastly different outlets. While the distributed press release may not have much SEO value, it does generate great exposure for your story.

Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program is a deal between a marketer and a content publisher and is sometimes referred to as “performance marketing.” Why? Because you can set the terms of engagement, paying the publisher who is promoting your content based on the number of clicks or sales he or she sends your way.

Usually, these are partnerships are set up through a network, such as CJ Affiliate or the Google Affiliate network. The network will help ensure your promotions get in front of an interested audience, but you should vet the options thoroughly to see if they’re a good match for your business.

By using a combination of these marketing techniques, you can begin to drive more traffic to your website. So go ahead. See which options work best for your business and run with it.

Marc Prosser

Marc Prosser is the co-founder and publisher of Fit Small Business, a website that reaches over 600,000 small business readers a month. Started in 2013, Fit Small Business serves as the “Consumer Reports” for small business owners. Prior to starting Fit Small Business, Marc was the CMO of FXCM for ten years. He joined as FXCM’s first employee and grew the company to over 700 employees.

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