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Apple Has a Zero-Tolerance Policy for Stalkers

Apple Has a Zero-Tolerance Policy for Stalkers
Apple Has a Zero-Tolerance Policy for Stalkers
Written by Emmy Dread

A curation of the week’s must-read advertising and media news.

Apple has its eye on ad tech companies who can’t play by the rules.

The sensitive information your phone number shares about you, how to prepare for the California Consumer Privacy Act, programmatic trading moving beyond display, and Twitter capitalizing on short-form video ads.

Apple Doubles Down On Stopping Ad Tech Companies From Stalking You

Apple has gone zero-tolerance for ad-tech players who can’t play by the company’s user privacy rules. While Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) technology was originally designed to block third-party cookies on Safari, they have taken matters a step further to stop ad tech firms from finding work-arounds. They have already shut down DeviceID methods and are in the process of shutting down link decoration as well.


Why Privacy Rights in the US are Lagging Behind the Rest of the World, According To David Carroll From Netflix’s ‘The Great Hack’

The United States is well behind the rest of the world in regards to privacy rights. David Carroll, who appeared in Netflix’s “The Great Hack” is an advocate for US data rights and has been fighting to get his own data back from Cambridge Analytica. He shares his thoughts on where the US currently stands on privacy rights and what improvements can be made on data-protection laws.


I Shared My Phone Number. I Learned I Shouldn’t Have.

Something as simple and necessary as your phone number can be a gateway to some very personal information. Fyde, a mobile security firm, was able to find out the article author’s home address, past addresses, full names of family members, and information on previously owned property all by plugging in his phone number into a database. This shows just how easy it is for hackers to cause potential harm so it’s important to question whether sharing your phone number is absolutely necessary.


Prepping For The Worst Is The Best Approach To The California Consumer Privacy Act

With less than six months until the enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), now is the time for publishers to start preparing. Keith Abbey, VP of Publisher Growth at Sovrn shares how preparing for the worst-case scenario can set you up for success in this new privacy landscape.


Programmatic Will Be the Way All Media is Traded

Programmatic display growth may have dropped year over year, but new formats are beginning to emerge for programmatic trading. Danielle Stewart, a Senior Programmatic Consultant at The Programmatic Advisory shares how mediums like audio, DOOH, and Connected TV are already embracing programmatic.


Twitter Makes Short-Form Video Ads Biddable

Video advertising on Twitter is growing, and the company is wasting no time in capitalizing on it. This investment comes after Twitter saw a 20% rise in ad engagement in the last year. Advertisers will now be able to bid on these short-form video ads and will only be charged “if at least 50% of the ad is on screen for six seconds or more.”


How Privacy Regulations Will Push Brands to Target Smaller, More Dedicated Groups of Consumers

We are seeing a major shift of power from brands to consumers with new privacy regulations. Brands now have to be cautious with their approach in how they collect and use user data if they don’t want to be in violation of these new regulations. Before, marketers had endless amounts of data at their disposal allowing them to reach a broader audience with their message. New regulations are now forcing marketers to focus on building relationships with a smaller pool of consumers.


Location data 101: A Primer For Marketers

Location data helps marketers better understand the customer journey in a multichannel world. It gives insights into how and where customers interact with a brand. This guide defines what location-based marketing is, how it works, and explains the responsibility marketers have in terms of privacy regulations.

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