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Big Brother Naija Spicy Nene Finale Is Here! For the last time this season, Nene is going to be dishing out the Spice. Let’s go

Big Brother Naija Spicy Nene Finale Is Here! For the last time this season, Nene is going to be dishing out the Spice. Let’s go
Written by Emmy Dread

Big Brother Naija Spicy Nene Finale Is Here! For the last time this season, Nene is going to be dishing out the Spice. Let’s go!

The way my fingers have gone sore from Voting for my fave ehn, the hustle is indeed real. Even my neighbors say “no” before I speak because they know it’s their phones I want to borrow. Anyways guys, finale don reach and the excitement no be here.

Sunday isn’t far anymore but let’s put torchlight on some of the things that happened during the week.

Back To Back Eviction

My baby Hercules and resident gangsta oh. Chai, after their Eviction, I thought that was it but Biggie had other plans and it manifested on Monday night. Bros Thanos who will all know as Frodd used his Ultimate Veto Power one last time and my people, I haven’t gotten over it (somebody should collect that infinity gauntlet from him biko).

As it turned out, Omashola and Diane were the Housemates whom insurance didn’t cover so something had to be done. The job fell on Frodd and in an unlucky draw, he picked Diane’s Coin from the bag. Hmm, as if the baby girl knew she would leave that night, she wasted no time, hugged everybody and left without a backward glance.

Poor Mercy, two days in a row she wailed. First, her sweetheart was taken away and before she could get over that, her friend was out of the game. The way she wept, I was tempted to bring buckets for her to fill it. Babe, na commot dem commot, dem no die, so you will see them soon.

The Carnival Tapping

My beloved country turned 59 and of course, party gats dey. Biggie the original party lover did something that made me very happy. He did a collision course and brought some ex-Housemates from ‘See Gobbe’ and ‘Double Wahala’ and everywhere soft. You guys didn’t see me among the dancers? Haba, I was at the extreme left dancing myself away and that was where I saw that tap to Seyi’s head.

My people, in the spirit of jolliness, Seyi went near BamBam to take pictures and from behind, Teddy A tapped Seyi at the back of his head. I didn’t know if  Mr Teddy A was joking, but Seyi surely took it personal when they got it into the House because he was just ranting about it. Bros no vex, the man was only protecting his wife abi another thing dey there wey I no know?

It’s Raining Celebs

The way this Pepper Dem five were just flexing this week no be small.

That’s how Adekunle Gold burst into the House and I was tempted to go and ask him to take me away for six months twice in a year. But I had to give myself sense.

Did you people see the currency they spent at that party? It had the Housemates faces on it! Let me admit it, I was jealous.

Bisola and Waje also left their imprints in the House and as if that was not enough, Kunle Afolayan also showed his face too. If only Biggie will allow me to take some selfies with these celebs. I mean, see freshness overload. It’s fine Biggie, I enjoyed seeing them on my television.

Cardi M And Her Hypeman

Awwww, I just love the friendship between Mercy and Mike. Right from time, Mike has always been her hypeman during their Games and Task Presentation, but he has been even more of a friend now that her boo and best friend were Evicted from the House. The way I’m even looking at Mike, I am beginning to suspect that he isn’t a true Nigerian man. Cause I know Nigerian men; once a friend entrusts his girlfriend into their hands, they will start sliding their hands into places they shouldn’t, but Mike isn’t like that. He has been helping Ike’s boo through this trying times. This is the kind of friend everyone should have.

Omashola My Champion

Yesso, I’ve started famzing him. He won the final Arena Games in just 58 seconds and the way things are looking, he might also win that Bet 9ja overall price of two million Naira. So let me famz him very well; maybe small money will touch my hand. I’m not even asking for much. Just 50% of the money. Let me use that one to change my wardrobe and get myself the new iPhone so I can Pepper my neighbours. Congratulations to him sha. He tried. It’s not easy to compete every week and win that often.

Time really flew on this one and I will really miss you all. Let me enjoy the finale before looking for another job (hopefully amebo is involved 😉).


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