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Day 38: Going for the second win It’s Ozo’s second time as Head of House

Day 38: Going for the second win It's Ozo's second time as Head of House
Written by Emmy Dread

Day 38: Going for the second win

It’s Ozo’s second time as Head of House and he is on a quest to lead the Housemates to a second Wager Task win.

Both the Head of House, Ozo and the Deputy, Nengi are fully occupied with rallying the troops to win their Wager Task. “I hope everyone will be serious,” Ozo said as he discussed with Nengi. In recent times and most especially during the tenure of the last HoH, it has been hard getting the Housemates onboard without a few altercations.


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Ozo seems bent on making this Wager Task work and you all already have high hopes for him.





Art materials are here

It was while Nengi and Ozo were having this discussion that Biggie notified them that the storeroom was now open. Off they went to get their art supplies to begin the arduous Task of creating befitting artwork for their Wager Task.


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The good vibes are back

It’s been a while we saw the Housemates in a joyous mood as they prepared for their Wager Task, but this time, the House was extra lively as they sang their favourite songs while they worked. Quite a few of you were super stoked watching the Housemates sing





For over three hours they sang and didn’t relent as they kept the mood in the House lively. We wondered what brought about the good mood and you came up with different reasons.











Some of you wanted chaos though.



Whether it was their winning or a change in leadership, it was great to see the Housemates in a good mood and hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come.


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Remember the only time the Lockdown Housemates have ever won the Wager Task was during Ozo’s reign and the pressure is on him to lead the Housemates to yet another victory. If not for additional shopping allowance, then to prove his first victory wasn’t a fluke.

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