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Day 45: Feedback on the Wager preparations twitter have a couple things to say

Day 45: Feedback on the Wager preparations twitter have a couple things to say
Day 45: Feedback on the Wager preparations twitter have a couple things to say
Written by Emmy Dread

Day 45: Feedback on the Wager preparations twitter have a couple things to say

The streets of twitter have a couple things to say about how the Housemates are preparing for their Wager Task.

As the Housemates rehearsed for the Wager Task late into the night long after their Johnnie Walker Tasks, the streets of Twitter watched and they had a lot of concerns. Concerns they didn’t hesitate to share.

Conspiracy brewing

With Erica in charge of the House, a few of you believe there might be Housemates trying to sabotage her reign and her second attempt at winning the Wager Task as Head of House. You guys believe it’s not really about the Wager Task but an attempt to ridicule her reign and not accord her her due respect as Head of House.



Some of you feel she is to blame for why the Housemates don’t accord her respect to act right for the Wager Task.







Your thoughts on Prince’s apology

Prince made a heartfelt apology before the auditions began, explaining the reason for his outburst and urging the Housemates to act accordingly and give the Wager Task their 100%. It wasn’t an individual Task but a House Task. According to him, no matter their differences with the Head of House, they should still be able to act right. You saw his apology and had a thing or two to say about it.





Forecasting doom

Despite how hard the Housemates seem to be working towards the Wager Task presentation, a few of you aren’t entirely sold and you are a bit pessimistic about their performance.









Still funny

Some of you found the preps funny especially watching the present Housemates mimic each other.





Your accusation is baseless

Away from the Wager Task preparation, Ozo also has a lot on his mind. Worried that there might be more to the friendship between Nengi and Prince, Ozo broached the topic with her again in the garden after he noticed them staring at each other. He also cited Prince’s visits to their room getting a lot more frequent. Nengi denied there was anything going on saying it wasn’t an issue for her and there was no need to discuss it. She said if she wanted to be close to Kiddwaya, she will be. “I like him as a person, but I don’t like to be that close to him.”

Some of you agree with Ozo that there might be more.



While some of you just think Ozo’s insecurity is getting the best of him.



Whatever the case, Ozo really shouldn’t have anything to worry about since Nengi has already said they are just friends, so whatever she decides to do or whoever she decides to talk to, she is well within her rights as a free lady.

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