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3 Free Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website in 2020

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Written by Emmy Dread

3 Free Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website in 2020

Evergreen Content

Creating and posting evergreen content helps you establish your authority in a particular subject, which is critical for attracting new customers.

Blogging not only keeps your website fresh for visitors but every page you add to your site helps increase your visibility on Google. To further help your SEO, you should be embedding links and keywords specific to your industry in all of your content.

A word of warning: Many businesses go too far with keywords, serving up content that’s nothing more than marketing jargon. That’s an easy way to turn off visitors.

Social Media

It’s pretty obvious that many small businesses now use social media to help drive traffic to their websites, with many businesses using Facebook as their channel of choice. While organic social growth doesn’t necessarily require money, it does take time and patience.

When using social media to drive traffic, make sure you keep a consistent posting schedule and share content from other pages as well as your own. Too many small businesses refuse to share any info that doesn’t directly relate to their business.

Guest Posting

In addition to creating evergreen content for your own site, take the time to write for someone else’s. This can give you a large sudden boost in traffic (since you’re tapping into an entirely new audience) but can require lots of work to set up. You’ll need to network with and earn the trust of the outlet you’re trying to write for.

If you’re just looking for another place to post content, many businesses choose Medium.com, which is easy to write for but can leave your content buried. Creating a relationship with someone in your field and guest writing for his or her audience is much more fruitful.


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