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Running out of I/O and Physical Memory Usage on your Cpanel Due to Host Company Low Space

Running Out Of Website Physical Memory Usage On Your Cpanel Due To Host Company Low Space
Written by Emmy Dread

Running out of Website Physical Memory Usage on your Cpanel Due to Host Company Low Space


The problem with so many website today is that they often run out of their physical memory usage due to some amount of visitors they have currently on their site viewing posts and going through contents. Why in some case the fort is from their hosting provider that often gives them very low Physical memory space up to 1GB as their RAM in the Cpanel directory such web host company like Whogohost and many like them fail to solve the problem their customer are facing even though you write and send them email they are unable to resolve the issue.

CPU Usage – The CPU is like the engine powering your hosting service. Everything your site does (show a page, read/write to the database, run PHP files, etc) will use a small amount of CPU.


Physical Memory Usage – 1GB Memory is mainly used by applications and PHP files on your website. As most web builders (WordPress, Joomla, etc) are just multiple PHP files working together, this statistic is important.



Input/Output Usage – 1MB/s This specifically refers to how much data you can read/write to your disk per second. Things like moving files around, writing to the database, generating images and making backups from WordPress or other CMS can increase this.


Entry Processes – 20/20% Each PHP file that’s ran on your site uses 1 Entry process. These run for a fraction of a second, so if the limit is 10 Entry Processes and each runs for 0.1 seconds, there won’t be any issue with 10 people on your site at the same second.


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