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De Norsemen Kclub International observes with utter dismay the intention of the Federal Government to perpetuate misery in the country at a time when responsible governments across the world are initiating policies and palliatives that would help citizens to cushion the terrible effects of the Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns.
At a time when the government should empathize with the people and find ways of economic recovery and social reengineering, the federal government has decided to increase the woes and burdens of the citizens and carry on as if nothing has happened. It is regrettable that the welfare of the masses no longer counts since the government could simply wake up and pile up more burdens on the caving fragile shoulders of the traumatized masses.
The recent increments in electricity tariff, the pump price of petrol and reduction of interest on savings in banks from 3.75% to 1.25% at this critical time of global challenge is, to say the least, thoughtless, reprehensible, and inhuman.
De Norsemen Kclub International, as a foremost global humanitarian organization, is seriously against these increments and reduction on savings account interests. We view this as an unwarranted attack on the masses who are picking up the pieces of their lives and exceedingly finding it difficult to have a meal in a day due to almost six months of inactivity occasioned by COVID-19 induced lockdowns.
We have a duty to remind the government that it has failed woefully in upholding good governance which should translate into robust welfare packages for the people. We are not comfortable with this reverse gear which ultimately, is a clear signal that the masses are basically on their own without any reprieve.
The government should note that frustration and despondency arising from rising inflation, lack of forex for business, unemployment, and lack of social amenities have driven the citizens to their precipice. The standard of living has depreciated to its lowest ebb with massive insecurity across the country. In the midst of all these, we are tempted to posit that this government is in power to haunt and crush innocent citizens whom they have sworn an oath to protect.
It is paradoxically shameful that the government that has not been able to provide stable power in any part of the country is increasing electricity tariffs. It is also a monumental embarrassment that a country that produces crude oil does not have a functional refinery but wastes resources on the importation of petrol. Why would the poor masses always bear the brunt of every government malfeasance?
Let it be stated clearly that De Norsemen Kclub International is not averse to taxing the citizens as a means of shoring up revenue for development. We believe that every tax or tax increment must have a human face and progressively inclined. This means that before increasing electricity tariffs, there should be the regular and uninterrupted power supply that can boost the business and economy of those who are expected to pay for it.
De Norsemen Kclub International wishes to let the government know that no army is greater than the resolve of people who have decided to take the destiny of their liberation in their own hands. The seeming silence and patience of Nigerians should not be misinterpreted, misunderstood, or mistaken for fear. Nigerians who braced up the odds and elected this government believed that something good awaited them but behold, their hope is extinguished like a lighted candle in the wind. Nigerians should not be taken for granted because, in their suffering, they could be used as ready tools for the destabilization of the country.
The [email protected] acknowledged on his Twitter handle that: “We are very mindful of the challenge of high food prices, at a time when the economy is already in a slowdown caused by the global coronavirus situation, and are doing everything in our power to bring down the prices of food items across the country.” Why going ahead to approve policies that would pauperize the masses the more? We are compelled to conclude that this government is confused and lacks the forthrightness to lead the Nigerian people to prosperity and decent living.
Consequently, we demand an immediate reversal of the increments on electricity tariff and pump price of petrol as well as the reduction of interest on a savings account. We also demand that the activities of the DISCOS and GENCOS be evaluated to restore a steady and regular power supply in the country. The government should, among other things, initiate post-COVID-19 social and economic intervention programmes that will enable Nigerians to bounce back to abundance.
Our allegiance is to the Nigerian state but we have a duty to serve humanity. Therefore, we shall stand with the people in all efforts to alleviate their suffering and break the neck of their oppressors.
Chief Dr. Adeshola Giwa International President,
De Norsemen Kclub International.
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