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Written by Emmy Dread


You are highly welcome to Emmy Dread Foundation, where our the aim is to see that every Nigerian child who is not yet in school return back to school to be educated and comes out with remarkable flying colours in the society.


We want to sensitizer all Nigerians what it means by giving their children a sound educational background so as the time to come to those children will rose up to take over responsibility in the society and changing the course of the country through development and infrastructure growth because they are the leaders of tomorrow. We should contribute collecting hands to ensure that every Nigerian child get a proper education at the grassroots level of every community, town, local government area, states and the country at large.

Emmy Dread Foundation is dedicated to being that frontman organization that is pioneering these course for change through sending every less privileged child back to school and establishing them in one skill or another in building there mental capacity through morals and vocational learning. Our goals is to see that every child deserve a proper education in the society, therefore, we as good and law-abiding citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria must come out with one voice to support our organization through sponsorship and partnership in any way we can by so doing we are building a better Nigeria for our generation yet unborn.

Giving back to society and helping in building a strong and robust Nigeria should be the order of the day in the mind of every good citizen seeing that those that cannot afford to be educated get the chance to go back to school and better their lives and that of the local communities where they are coming from as patriotic citizens.

I urge every well-meaning Nigerians to come out with one love and one forced to join the Emmy Dread Foundation in championing the course of charity and community service by changing narratives of a fail the educational system we once had in this country to a sound and strong robust an education system where the world at large will feel our impacts and applaud us for giving every single child hope to their dreams and aspirations for life.

We will be happy as a foundation when we see every single child happy in the classroom, studying to make a difference in our great country Nigeria

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