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Don’t Be Afraid of COVID19 Coronavirus Just Believe in God it will End Soon

Don't Be Afraid of COVID19 Coronavirus Just Believe in God it will End Soon
Written by Emmy Dread

Don’t Be Afraid of COVID19 Coronavirus Just Believe in God it will End Soon

Several years ago, a deadly virus erupted in Africa, killing thousands without restraint or cure. The medical world was perplexed c. A great man of God by the name John G Lake came to the rescue. Laying hands on infected people who were not to be touched. The slightest contact with any secretion from an infected person is all it takes for transmission. But with bare hands, cleaning secretion and curing every victim, John G Lake along with his Holy Ghost filled team, brought to an abrupt end the spread of the deadly virus.

When asked by the medical world how he did it. He had this to say: I have the life of God in me, every virus that comes in contact with me dies. He asked them to get an inoculum from an infected person, observe the same under a microscope to ascertain viral activities in it. They did and confirmed living and multiplying virus.

He then asked them to put the inoculum on his palm and observe under the microscope. This time there were no more activities. ALL WERE DEAD upon contact with him. What a life! Every child of God has this life. He that has the Son has this life. That higher life that put out the deadly virus like Ebola in the days of John G Lake will do the same through you in your day! At the Name of Jesus, Coronavirus will bow out! Stop the fear! Let this message of hope and faith go viral and this lifeless Covid 19 viral spread will stop!

Don’t disdain the ever-living words of Jesus: And these signs shall follow them that believe, in my name, they shall cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues, they shall take up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing (Coronavirus included) it shall not hurt them, they shall lay hand on the sick (those already infected with this lifeless Covid 19) and they shall recover – Mark 16:15-18.
John G Lake and the team are long gone! But I am here, you are here! We can save our world!
We have the life of God in us!
Spread the faith!
Stop the fear!
Spread the life!
Stop the death!
Yes, you can!
The world belongs to you!
Cause you belong to Jesus!


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