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Effects of the Story of the Past that our Fathers told us Concerning our Land and Country Nigeria

Written by Emmy Dread

 Effects of the Story of the Past that our Fathers told us Concerning our Land and Country Nigeria

All the people that told you these things are dead and the Lands in Bonny Kingdom still remain. Tomorrow when you tell your children your own side, you will die and this land will still remain.

I think at this stage in Bonny, If you Burusu can identify you as a member of that Burusu then you are a Bonny Indigen irrespective of what another Burusu, house, community or Kingdom thinks.

Many Africans were sold into slavery to the Americans but because the Americans are wise not to disregard anybody, they called them “African Americans.” Gone are those days where you can call someone a slave or a free born.

What we should be doing right now is not tracing who has ruled as we all know who is ruling and that respect should be accorded as due.

Everyone wants to be respected and regarded were due them but you can’t earn respect by disrespecting others or by causing conflict. Duawari exist in Bonny Kingdom and no one has actually disputed that fact not even the Bonny Chiefs’ Council.

All House Chief, or Chairman or Elders should come to a round table and discuss how best we can push this Kingdom forward and in that meeting, sharing formula should be established as in Bonny, Lands are owned by Families (Compounds or Houses). Give everyone what is due them.

When this is established we should all join our resources and fight for what is due us no matter the % your house is receiving and that way, we can get everything that is meant for Bonny Kingdom.

The only people on earth who own Lands are Adam and Even (going by christianity) because God created them into the Garden of Eden. Every other person migrated into a land and claimed it because they had the power to.

History is debatable because everyone has a version that suits them. Even the history that was recorded is not true as a group of people can decide to adopt a particular story and make it a working document.

Let peace reign amongst us.
Let us fight the enemies rather than ourselves.
Let us not create divide amongst our people when we should be dividing money meant for the people.
Let us find a way to create a new history that will be know for peace.

My name is Justus Tamunoala Jim-Halliday
Can’t erase the scars with a bandage
I’m hoping maybe we could Agree to disagree and come to an understanding

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