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TB Joshua Message on Supreme Court’s Decision to Sack and Remove David Lyon as Bayelsa State Governor

Supreme Court's Decision to Sack and Remove David Lyon as Bayelsa State Governor
Written by Emmy Dread

Supreme Court’s Decision to Sack and Remove David Lyon as Bayelsa State Governor

With the breaking news of the Supreme Court’s Decision to remove David Lyon as Bayelsa State Governor, I remember that last year he visited The SCOAN with the intention of sharing testimony. However, TB Joshua said it was not yet time for him to share the testimony and that it would be too early for him to celebrate until after the inauguration. He added that Lyon was banking on people’s prayers. 

Last Sunday, it was a morning of many manifestations as The SCOAN Choir worshipped God in the beauty of His Holiness. Whilst they called for the power of sin over the people’s lives to be broken, the Holy Spirit put potency in their words and the anointing fell mightily upon the church, leading to the expulsion of evil deposits of various sorts.

Among The SCOAN congregation on Sunday, 1st December 2019, was Bayelsa State governor-elect David Lyon, a regular caller at ‘The Arena of Liberty’ whom Prophet T.B. Joshua described as “one of the brethren.” On Saturday, 16th November 2019, Bayelsans had gone to the polls to elect a new governor as the incumbent’s tenure winds up on 14th February 2020.

In his message to the governor-elect, Prophet T.B. Joshua charged him to commit to good governance. Always a prophet with a passion for the people’s welfare, the man of God advised the incoming governor to focus on meeting the expectations of the Bayelsa people.

In Prophet T.B. Joshua’s words, “My brother, I am at your service. When I say I am at his service, I mean I am at his service to see that the expectation of the Bayelsa people is executed.” The prophet further said, “I want you to know that the only way Bayelsa people will believe you are the one they voted for is for you to meet the expectations of the Bayelsa People.”

More importantly, Prophet TB Joshua reiterated to the governor-elect during his sermon, “It is better to live poorly upon the fruits of God’s goodness than to live plentifully upon the product of our own sin.”

Within the Spirit-saturated ambiance of ‘The Arena of Liberty,’ Prophet TB Joshua began his prayer-filled exhortation with words of wisdom. He explained that it is the Word in our heart that gives the value of the name, Jesus. According to the prophet, the Word of God in our heart brings the value of the name, Jesus, the authority of the name, Jesus and the legal right of using the name, Jesus. He further explained that anyone can say, “In the name of Jesus” but it is not everyone that can say, “In the name of Jesus” in the power of the Holy Ghost. Finally, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that the Spirit makes us know that believing is possessing. The moment you believe, you have.

Was the warning unheeded?



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